Reliable Infrared Scanning for Dresden, Ontario

Dresden, Ontario and surrounding areas have relied on Rob’s Electric for trustworthy, electrical contractor services for over 30 years and are now proud to service Dresden with cutting edge infrared Scanning services.

Continuous training ensures that our Dresden, Ontario based infrared scanning electricians are prepared to provide reliable and predictive inspections. That’s why we fully train and certify our infrared scanning electricians to ITC’s Level I Infrared Thermography. The American Society for Non-Destructive Testing organization has established criteria for this method within the ANSI/ASNT CP-105 and CP-189 guidelines.

Expert Infrared Scanning Services for Dresden, Ontario

Rob’s Electric utilises infrared scanning in order to prevent equipment failures from shutting your operations down. Devices are known to get hot before they fail, infrared scanning can easily isolate “hot spots” and point out areas that require maintenance. Our expert technicians can utilize our T-440 thermal camera to provide complete predictive imaging to help you schedule needed repairs before any downtime.

Count on Rob’s Electric for infrared scanning – Dresden, Ontario

Our infrared scanning can help keep your Dresden, Ontario operation running by detecting small issues before they get big enough to stop production, preventing lost dollars and lost time.

  • Finds potential failure points faster
  • Keeps your business up and running
  • Infrared scanning technology detects trouble spots from a safe distance
  • Provides diagnostic images made from heat not light
  • Infrared scanning is an indispensable tool for predictive maintenance
  • Scans for “hot spots” that may indicate impending failure
  • Our trained technicians can find problems that may cause equipment to fail
  • Traces loose electrical connections or overloaded circuits

Save time and money by letting our local to Dresden infrared scanning electricians bring this advanced predictive technology to your factory or production facility to locate potential failures before they can shut you down and cost you revenue.

Examine the benefits of infrared scanning by calling us today 519.351.2265