Save On Energy

Do you own a Business in South Western Ontario?

Perhaps you know someone else that does. or maybe you work for a processing facility with a large number of machines. don’t think that only manufacturing and retail can save. There are also programs available to the Agricultural business including farming.

In any one of these situations there’s something that can help you, your friend and your facility. Don’t be afraid to mention to your business partner, or your boss what benefits they may be entitled to.

With the Save on Energy incentive program there are several ways for your company to reduce their power consumption and energy bills to increase their total profitable revenue.

Do you currently have what seems to be obsolete lighting in your facility? There is a solution for both Commercial applications an d Industrial facilities.

For the small business

There are incentive programs for your company to qualify for free lighting upgrades and replacements. these upgrades can give your facility up to $1500 in free lighting upgrades; this incentive is paid for by your government and everything from the visit to evaluate your facility to the labor and fixture upgrade material is covered.

Check out the program incentive in full details at Hydro One.

Have your company assessed

If nothing else and see what $avings you could be enjoying. Not to mention you will be doing your environment a favour.