Agricultural Electrical for Tilbury

Advanced Agricultural Electrical Services for Tilbury

Rob’s Electric provides reliable agricultural electrical services, emphasizing safety for each of the agricultural electrical contracting projects we undertake. Our commitment to professionalism and timeliness extends to our agricultural clients in Tilbury and surrounding areas. Working alongside Tilbury farmers, we proudly contribute to Ontario’s agricultural sector, ensuring a consistent power supply for your operation.

Secure Agriculturally Focused Electrical Services

Our agricultural electricians are available for immediate assistance with the electrical service at your Tilbury farm. We ensure your farm equipment operates smoothly, your crops are harvested efficiently, and your animals receive proper care. Additionally, we can help you upgrade your lighting systems for enhanced efficiency.

Our team of trained, licensed, and insured electrical contractors is equipped to handle your agricultural electrical needs. We often assist agricultural and farm operations in Tilbury with upgrading their outdated or inefficient electrical equipment through programs like OPA’s ‘Save on Energy’ and ‘ERII programs.’

Let Us Assess Your Agricultural Electrical Needs

Trust Rob’s Electric, with over thirty years of agricultural electrical experience in Tilbury, to be your reliable agricultural electrical contractor.

If your farm / agricultural operation is in close proximity to the Tilbury area, get in touch with our electrical team today at 519.351.2265 to assess your agricultural requirements.