Security & Surveillance

Our families, our homes and our businesses are some of the things most dear to us and the need to protect them and feel safe and secure is always in the forefront of our minds. The installation of a security system brings with it a sense of peace. Our customers can expect the latest in technology, budget conscious planning, along with an effective way to deter property loss or home break-ins.

Rob’s Electric can provide installations and materials for all new and existing security systems. Video surveillance and alarm systems can be easily networked or even sent directly to your phone for viewing. Video recording of different areas can be set up to activate when motion is sensed.

Controlled entrances and gate systems allow you to decide who enters your property, home or business. Access can be as easy as a push of a button or electronic access through a swipe card or key fob. Systems can be monitored for access and customized to allow access during specific period of time or even privileged access for different areas.