Wallaceburg, Ontario’s Surveillance Systems Expert

For better than 30 years, Rob’s Electric has been installing the most current surveillance systems technology available to protect your Wallaceburg, Ontario home or business. When you want to avoid residential or commercial property break-ins and loss of possessions, surveillance systems provide the most effective method available.

You can count on our local to Wallaceburg electricians to install and maintain the most advanced surveillance systems technology offered, to help you feel safe and protected. For your benefit, we continually upgrade our own internal systems to keep pace with advances in technology. We’re proud of our reputation for building long-lasting client relationships.

Trusted Commercial and Residential Surveillance Systems for Wallaceburg, Ontario

When you need your existing surveillance systems maintained or enhanced, or an advanced new system of your choice installed, we are a complete service with all the necessary tools and materials to complete the task. We can do everything you need in your Wallaceburg, Ontario residence or business from networking security cameras, video surveillance, and alarm systems, to connecting your surveillance systems for remote viewing from any location, directly to your cell phone. Security cameras can be set-up to observe selected areas around your property and activate recording when movement is detected.

Controlled entrances and access gates connected to surveillance systems allow you to determine which individuals will be permitted to enter your property. Your surveillance system can monitor access and be customized to limit entry to a specific time frame, or to provide authorized admittance to specified areas of your business or residence.

What makes Rob’s Electric your premier surveillance system option?

  • We keep pace with the latest surveillance systems technology
  • Our primary concern is always Electrical SAFETY
  • We carry our own WSIB Insurance
  • Our Electricians are always licensed, qualified and insured
  • We are ECRA/EA licensed
  • We have the vital tools, equipment and experience needed to safeguard your premises.

We consistently provide only the latest in surveillance system equipment and cost conscious preparation that our Wallaceburg, Ontario customers have learned to rely on.

Discuss your surveillance systems with a call to us at 519.351.2265